Organization Membership

The Membership form below will allow you to sign up for a PCTV “Organization” type membership.  Organization memberships are how organizations who serve and are based in the City of Pittsfield, and possess 501(c)(3) or similar charitable status, have access to PCTV’s membership and facilities.  As many as twenty employees and volunteers may receive the benefits of membership through this type of membership.

Organization memberships may have as many as six corporate votes in our organization – eligibility of voters is determined by PCTV’s By-Laws of the Corporation, Article III, Section I, which the group’s primary contact (you) should become familiar with.

Note that you will be required, after the completion of signing up as the Primary member of your organization, that you will be required to add the rest of your group members to the membership – an option to do so will be available on the “Thank You” page when you membership process is complete. Also remember to familiarize yourself with our Conditions Of Membership, as you’re required to abide by them as a requirement of becoming a member.

Finally, you will be asked to create a password at the end of your process – this password will give you secured account access to your membership information, as well as the ability to access upcoming members-only features here on  Please make sure to use a unique password that you haven’t used elsewhere.